Lagoon surveys in Western Canada

To understand your lagoon maintenance requirements you need the right information. By providing specialized lagoon surveys, Lambourne Environmental can help.

We are the experts in municipal, industrial, and stormwater lagoon surveying for Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Territories.

What lagoon surveys do for you

We perform lagoon surveys to inform our clients how much sludge is in their lagoon, where it is, and what it is made of. The client then uses this information to make more informed lagoon maintenance decisions.

Using our state of the art equipment, we calculate the quantity of sludge in the cell, generate a detailed sludge "map", and collect samples.

These samples are used to determine total percent solids and sludge composition. This information is then combined with the sludge volume to determine whether sludge buildup is a concern. If so, the client also understands the magnitude of effort required to correct any problems.

Our method

To accurately survey a lagoon we map out the lagoon perimeter, base profile, and sludge profile using a combination of ultra-precise GPS units (<1cm precision), an infrared LED sludge detection device, and our highly trained staff. We then combine the data into useful information using drafting software.

This unique method of collecting and interpreting the data means that we can accurately estimate the biosolids and water volumes of lagoons and water features of any size and shape.

Many of our clients request lagoon surveys in advance of the spring budget discussions. To accommodate this, we safely perform the surveys at any time of year to ensure that our clients have the information when they need it.

Please contact us if you would like to request a survey or if you have any questions. 

lambourne crew surveying a lagoon by boat
lambourne employees safely performing a winter lagoon survey
example of a lagoon survey drawing created by lambourne