Western Canada's sludge dewatering experts

Lambourne Environmental is Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, and Saskatchewan's leader in sludge dewatering. As the Western Canadian municipal supplier of Geotubes®, we offer comprehensive sludge dewatering solutions for your unique biosolids situation.

Why use dewatering tubes?

Geotubes® are a semi-permeable geo-textile tube that allows the water in the sludge to escape while leaving the biosolids trapped inside. They very effectively dry and consolidate biosolids, silts, and sludges (both municipal and industrial). Many of our clients use Geotubes® to manage their sludge removal in situations where:

  • the sludge is not suitable for land application
  • proximity to appropriate land is an issue
  • the cost of the cleaning needs to be spread over multiple budget periods

Geotubes® also are generally tidier and more effectively control odor than our land application method.

How do Geotubes® work?

We pump the sludge and silts out of the lagoon and mix them with an environmentally safe polymerizing agent. This separates the water from the solids at a molecular level. The Geotubes® are porous with a 425 micron weave, which traps the solids inside while allowing the water to escape. We then pump this water back into the lagoon system or anywhere else you desire.

Once the biosolids have rested for a period of time, the Geotubes® are cut open and the dried material can be taken away and disposed. The Geotubes® can be left for as long as needed, even several years. Once the material is dried, landfills receive this dried product, as it will pass their paint-filter test requirement and can be used as top cover.

More Information

For additional information on how Geotubes® work and their applications, contact us, check out the manufacturer's website, or browse through the manufacturer's brochures.

example of a permanent geotube laydown area
geotube project and trash pump