Biosolid land application experts

Lambourne Environmental’s unique and specialized land application method is what truly sets us apart from the competition. We combine our customized equipment with our decades of experience and our commitment to safety and the environment to provide the ultimate sludge removal service in Western Canada.

How does land application work?

Lambourne Environmental uses our lagoon pumps or dredges along with a fleet of modified tankers to pump, transport, and apply the sludge from our client’s lagoon to suitable land. There it is incorporated into the soil with a tractor and disc. Both the sludge and soil are tested to ensure that the biosolids are safe to be applied on the soil and will also enrich the soil. This process is beneficial for many parties, as the municipality is able to desludge their lagoon economically and the farmer and landowner are able to receive a beneficial organic product at no cost. 

If you are a farmer or landowner in Alberta and have questions about municipal biosolids, please check out our FAQ page. If you are interested in possibly receiving some of this nutrient-rich material in the future, please contact us and we can discuss some options with you.

What is included in our biosolid land application service?

All aspects of the project, from the very first lagoon survey to the final reporting are taken care of by our experienced and professional team. We personalize our service to meet our clients' needs, but the steps that we often perform include:

  • Seeking out suitable farmland for land application
  • Sludge and soil testing for submission to environmental regulatory body (ie. Alberta Environment)
  • Land application of biosolids on suitable land using our specially customized equipment
  • Immediate incorporation of biosolids into the soil
  • Final reporting to environmental regulatory body

We are committed to the satisfaction of all parties involved, and we work tirelessly to ensure that all environmental and governmental regulations are met, that our client is satisfied with their lagoon cleaning, and that the farmers and landowners are satisfied with the material that they have received. Please get in touch with us to learn how this service can help you.

three lambourne trucks applying biosolids on farm land
tractor with disc incorporating biosolids