Water, sludge, and biosolid pumping experts

Lambourne Environmental has a wide range of lagoon pumps, water pumps, and dredges to suit almost any water or sludge pumping job. We maintain a large inventory of pumps and dredges specially designed for lagoon desludging and dewatering. However, these pumps effectively perform river dredging, marina cleaning, and pond silt removal as well.

Lagoon Dredges

Our pontoon-style lagoon dredges are effective tools for removing biosolids without having to take the lagoon out of commission. They are also the most effective tool for removing silts or sludge from large lagoons, rivers, lakes, and marinas.

The unique shape of the cutterhead on our dredges means that they will not damage your lagoon liner despite still being very effective at picking up solids. Additionally, we use winch-operated dredges. This allows for greater precision and added cutting force into the sludge, ensuring that remove all of the material.

When needed, we use dredges that are remotely operated to ensure the safety of our employees without compromising quality.

Lagoon Pumps

Our tractor-powered 8" lagoon pumps are versatile and effective solutions for pumping large volumes of water and sludge. These lagoon pumps are up to 72' long to ensure a thorough lagoon cleaning without risk of liner or berm damage.

Additionally, the lagoon pumps feature a mixer nozzle that is used to wash down the banks, mix the sludge into a slurry, and maintain a consistent sludge thickness.

Other Pumps

We maintain an inventory of 6" trash pumps for rent. Contact us to learn more about our pump rental options.

Rendering of a lagoon dredge pumping sludge and biosolids
Before and after picture of a fly ash lagoon cleaning